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ViiGo (Inui~)
20 March 2020 @ 03:16 am


Meaning that there will be a few things that will be f-locked instead of all the entries. lol :D

::insert 'semi-friends only' banner here [...some day >.>;;]::
ViiGo (Inui~)
It's best to see this picture first before reading the following conversation

(20:04:26) banban: can you get these as posters too?
(20:04:31) banban: i really want that zombie one XD
(20:04:41) inui: I don't know 8(
(20:04:56) banban: i shoudl put that on my window
(20:05:11) inui: like.. print it out? XD
(20:05:33) inui: or wait... actually printing on plastic might be harder
(20:05:55) inui: because I was going to recommend getting one of those window clings that you can somehow print on
(20:06:02) banban: oh XD
(20:06:38) banban: well i was thinking that if i put that on my window, i should put one on the fence behind the window: "you are now fucked"
(20:06:53) inui: lawkjrlakjf XD
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ViiGo (Inui~)
25 May 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Taken from the Social.Bioware Forum:

I am very pleased this morning to announce that there will be a Mass Effect movie made by the fine folks at Legenday Pictures! I know there has been a lot of speculation amongst our fans ever since Mass Effect 1 came out as to whether or not there would be a movie, who should star in it, who would direct, would there be a Wrex sized bucket of popcorn, etc and I can now reveal that, yes, there will be a movie (popcorn deal is still unconfirmed.)

Legendary Pictures, the studio behind great films such as The Dark Knight, Watchmen, The Hangover and 300 have picked up the rights to make Mass Effect. Legendary Pictures will produce with Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni along with Avi Arad (who has been behind great films like Iron Man, X-Men and Spider-Man). From BioWare Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuck and Casey Hudson will serve as executive producers.

"At BioWare, we’ve always thought of Mass Effect as having the depth, emotion and plot twists perfectly suited for an adaptation to a motion picture,” said Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect series. “With Avi Arad and Legendary attached, we believe that the Mass Effect movie will be an extraordinary entertainment event that realizes our vision for the franchise and thrills fans.”

So... my thoughts on this?

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ViiGo (Inui~)
24 May 2010 @ 12:00 pm
Taken from an article read for my English class.

Each day, Haley logged onto his account, and his friends' updates would appear as a long page of one- or two-line notes. He would check and recheck the account several times a day, or even several times and hour. The updates were indeed pretty banal. One friends would post about starting to feel sick; one posted random thoughts like "I really hate it when people clip their nails on the bus"; another Twittered whenever she made a sandwich -- and she made a sandwich every day. Each so-called tweet was so brief as to be virtually meaningless.

But as the days went by, something changed. Haley discovered that he was beginning to sense the rhythms of his friends' lives in a way he never had before. When one friend got sick with a virulent fever, he could tell by her Twitter updates when she was getting worse and the instant she finally turned the corner. He could see when friends were heading into hellish days at work or when they'd scored a big success. Even the daily catalog of sandwiches become oddly mesmerizing, a sort of metronomic click that he grew accustomed to seeing pop up in the middle of each day.

[...] The ambient information becomes like "a type of E.S.P.," as Haley described it to me, an invisible dimension floating over everyday life.

*stares at some of my f-list* I can read your minds. õ.õ

Article Title: "I'm So Totally, Digitally Close to You"